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Kuffiyeh Map

Kuffiyeh Map

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Shape of Palestine overlaid on the kuffiyeh design. Palestine (فلسطين) hand written calligraphy by our creative artist. 

The pattern of the kuffiyeh represents three symbols of Palestinian culture.

  • The ridged parallel lines represent olive tree leaves. The olive trees are symbols of Palestine, and the strength and resilience of the people rooted in its land.
  • The crisscrossing lines represent fishing nets. Fishing has a long legacy among the Palestinian people and symbolizes their connection with the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The thick, bold lines represent trade routes, as Palestine has a rich history of merchants and travelers, which have contributed to its rich culture.

*You will find our logo placed on the upper back of the sweater

Care Instructions


  • Machine wash cold, inside out, with like colors—gentle cycle
  • Hang dry or tumble dry
  • Heat will damage printed designs
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