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Sumud - Poppy (Embroidery)

Sumud - Poppy (Embroidery)

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Sumud (صمود) handwritten calligraphy in the form of Palestine's national flower - the Poppy. 

Sumud (صمود) means steadfastness, a practice of resistance by Palestinians to demonstrate resilience in the face of apartheid Israel's displacement, land theft, imprisonment, and settler colonial violence. 

The Poppy features all four colors of the Palestinian flag. It has become a symbol of resistance and indigenous Palestinian heritage. 

"The poppy symbolizes the relationship of exchange and reciprocity between the Palestinians’ life and the land of Palestine, where the Palestinians'’ bodies give life to the land of Palestine.” -Nasser Abufarha

*You will find our logo embroidered on the right sleeve

Care Instructions


  • Machine wash cold, inside out, with like colors—gentle cycle
  • Hang dry or tumble dry
  • Heat will damage printed designs
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