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Revolution Until Victory (Embroidery)

Revolution Until Victory (Embroidery)

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Handala is an influential symbol of the Palestinian people’s resilient fight for justice, dignity, freedom, and against systematic oppression.

Handala was created in 1969 by Palestinian cartoonist Naji al-Ali who was expelled from his home in al-Shajara, a small Palestinian village in the Galilee. Al-Ali created Handala as a 10-year-old boy who became a refugee under colonial Zionism. The struggle of the Palestinian people is represented by Handala, al-Ali’s intention to keep Handala as a boy represents not only the Palestinian children who became refugees but the hundreds of thousands of dispossessed Palestinians who were stripped of their basic human rights by the settler colonial state of Israel.

Below Handala, a powerful phrase is written in Arabic, “Revolution until victory”

“He will always be ten years old. At that age, I left my homeland, and when he returns, Handala will still be ten, and then he will start growing up” – al-Ali

*You will find our logo embroidered on the right sleeve

Care Instructions


  • Machine wash cold, inside out, with like colors—gentle cycle
  • Hang dry or tumble dry
  • Heat will damage printed designs
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